Although I speak Bidayuh daily, from morning to night, you may reach me in English or Malay. To be honest, I don’t speak Malay in my everyday life unless when I’m at the grocery or in a situation that demands me to do so. After all, I spend the most of my time in the village. I, too, do not speak English on a regular basis. I only speak English once in a blue moon, when I’m speaking with non-Malaysian friends.You can find me in my house if you want to see me face to-face, or you can also find me on Google search or the links below. Otherwise, ask the birds in the sky.
I promise you won’t get lost.

Donate/Sell Dead Unused Smartphone/Laptop To Below Address:

Smungni,Kampung Tanjung Bowang, Singai,94000 Bau,Sarawak, Malaysia.Email: [email protected]
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