Female Solo Wild Beach Camping – In The Rain

solo female wild beach camping

Although going wild camping alone as a woman may first seem daunting, if you take the necessary precautions and remain safe, it can really be a very special experience.

It can be lonely. However, it’s also good to escape any drama back home and focus only on your own happiness.

In Lundu, Sarawak, East Malaysia, I spent the night at Pandan Beach while solo wild camping on the sand (Borneo Island).

Pandan Beach is one of the most popular locations in the area. It is around 10 kilometres from Lundu town.

Although it is not as great as the other beaches in this area, it is a wonderful spot for fun activities.

What was frustrating to me was that there was a lot of trash lying everywhere.

Build A Simple Bushcraft Shelter

Upon my arrival, I quickly cleaned my campsite. I camped in a simple way. I did not bother to build a bushcraft shelter as a place to sleep. 

I slept on a piece of plastic. It was easy. There was no need to do anything. 

I was hoping that it wouldn’t rain that night. However, I built a special place to serve as a shelter from the rain just in case.

Swimming Alone At The Beach

I swam at the beach by myself before I made a campfire. I also jogged and washed my clothes.

It felt nice to be the only person at the beach. It was soothing. It was as if the beach was all mine.

Fortunately, I had built a shelter, as it did rain all night. The plastic sheet that I used for sleeping on was transferred to be used as the shelter roof.

That night, I ate instant noodles in the shelter. After the rain stopped, I then moved the plastic onto the sand to use it as my mattress.

Female Solo Wild Beach Camping – Sleeping On Plastic Sheet

I slept with the plastic over wet sand. It was very cold, especially along the coast, with wet conditions following heavy rains.

The clothes that were washed in the afternoon were left damp. It was because I had nowhere to put them to dry properly.

Once again, I couldn’t sleep well and was only able to get a little rest.

Sleeping on the beach with just a plastic sheet may seem challenging or exciting.

But I do not encourage anyone to do this, especially on rainy days. You might get wet and could get sick.

In the morning, around 6:30 o’clock, I set out to leave the beach for my next solo wild camping.

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